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msvioletharmon's Journal

Violet Harmon
25 December
External Services:
  • msvioletharmon@livejournal.com
Name: Violet Harmon
LJ: msvioletharmon
Fandom: AHS
Played by: Taissa Farmiga
Canon Break: Halloween Part 2 seems to be where everyone else is coming from.
RP'd on: murderhouserpg

Violet Harmon, played by actress Taissa Farmiga, is the daughter of Ben and Vivien. She is a teenager who resents her parents, thinking her father is a liar and her mother is weak. After moving to LA from Boston, Violet took an immediate liking to a mysterious teen boy named Tate, one of her father’s patients. Tate convinced Violet to invite a mean girl from her school, Leah, down into the basement in order to scare her. Leah wound up getting attacked by a monster child and left with a horribly scratched face. Tate seemed to know what would happen all along.

Violet is strong will and it definitely showed when she and her mother were attacked by Bianca and two other home invading worshippers of killer R. Franklin. Violet and her mother fought back and Violet now sees the house as a place of triumph, where she and her mother stood together. Violet still sees Tate, despite her father telling her not to. On Halloween, when the Tate was able to walk free, Violet went to the beach with Tate on a date, but was then disappointed when Tate was unable to perform sexually. After Tate was ran off to try and lead some other mysterious teens away, Violet spoke with Constance and learned that Constance was Tate’s mother and that Tate had gone on a murder spree at her high school, back in the 90’s, and was now actually a ghost.

Violet has now learned the full truth about Tate and is not taking it well. After trying to kill herself with sleeping pills, Tate saved her and that affection has helped Violet accept the situation a bit more - possibly even causing Violet to fall in love with Tate. Violet now knows about the house ghosts and is able to make them go away when she wants them to.

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